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Advanced Metals and Alloys Recovery Limited, Primarily Deal’s in Ferrous, Non Ferrous Metal Scrap. With a team of global network throughout South East Asia, Asia Pacific and Oceania, We are able to procure vast grades of Metals Scrap which conform to internationally recognised specifications for sale to domestic and international markets.

We are  affiliated with small and big Scrap yards, Collectors and waste management companies in USA, UK & New Zealand. A Channel between local or small or big “Scrapers or Collectors to Major steel Mills & Recyclers.

Hong Kong is our Headquarters managing sales & marketing, Trading & Commodity Brokering with Brokers and associates around the globe, We are specialised team of Sales and Marketing experts, operations, logistics & Lawyers that oversee the management of Supply chain for large national and multi-national manufacturers operating geographically.

We offers physical commodities broking expertise and in depth market insight to our client base of utilities, traders and Steel producers worldwide.

With the support of our geographic footprint, we maintains the strongest commitment impeccably to attain our Goals & Popularity in which we do business. We Co-Exists together as a Partners with Experience, Local Knowledge, Teamwork of the best and brightest men and women in the industry handling multi-platform as well as on multi range of commodities.

Our supplies are diligently selected and processed according to the international quality standards. Our expertise team of professionals ensures to meet the exacting specifications and varied needs of the customers. We wish to constantly explore new business opportunities & avenues in international markets and build long-term business relationship with new companies.



Quality, Inspection & Logistics is a major part of supply chain in international markets, and this is a key strategy to lay strong foundation to grow business in future.

Our clients benefit from our Local Knowledge, Teamwork of the best and brightest men and women in the industry. Quality that are Inspected by various testing.  We follows quality control norms to ensure the requisite quality of material is as per the contractual standards.

Today the global network of reputed International Inspection companies around the world makes it easier for us to get most accurate information in mare of time. We always advised to our customer's for Certification By inspection companies. We complying with strict quality control.



  • Identify key concerns of the which effect integrity and transparency in business transactions.
  • Develop a unified "Code of Conduct" as a standard for local and foreign business entities.
  • Create an "Industry” that provides controlled measures to ensure transparency in business transactions.
  • Develop a basic practices for participating companies & to promote sustainability of the integrity initiative.



We are committed to market leadership underpinned by the adoption and implementation of the transparency & Integrity principles. These principles are simple and describe how we approach our work.

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