For scrap Brokers & Agents.

The world’s most talented brokers aren’t all on Wall Street. Many are at AMA.

From mountains of data to mountains of scrap, our brokers understand the scrap metal market better than anyone. Fact is, we have the most experienced scrap metal brokerage team in the industry. Our brokers monitor markets in real-time and work out in the field (literally) to build the world’s most reliable supply chain.

An international metal star.

Our International Trading Group receives acclaim from all over the globe.  Why? Because of our principles of integrity, reliability, quality and innovation.

With international brokerage office, plus nearly 24 recycling facilities supplying steel mills worldwide, we bring scrap processors and steel mills together from around the globe. 

In our Asian and North American offices, our brokers partner with international suppliers of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal, ferro-alloys and scrap substitutes. 

Because we’re one of the exporters of ocean containers, our in-house staff includes experienced cargo and container administrators, financial experts and container brokers who can provide reliable service throughout every type of transaction.

We do business with scrap and scrap substitute suppliers and consumers in Bangladesh, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, UAE, Turkey and India. Who’s next?

End User / Importer.
If you are an end buyer and if you are interested in our offers and products, we require the LOI on your letter head including the banking information (Sample in Facts & Knowledge) to prepare the specific offer.

In case you operate as a Broker or any of the above and you have a potential end buyer interested in any of the offers.
First you need to visit our website and read carefully on our Page Quick Facts & Knowledge / Payment options.
We require following from you.

  1. You consider to sign a NCNDA.
  2. You consider to sign IMFPA, which will be signed at the Contract signing stage.
  3. End buyer`s LOI (with their banking information)
  4. We need End Buyer`s Credentials, Contact Person, Contact Details and Complete enquiry details (quantity, Specifications, packing, offered payment, target price/destiny port)

About Commission:
We Pay up to US1$-2$/MT for long term contracts.
We Pay up to US3$-5$/MT for spot contracts.

About Overprice:
Overprice is on shared bases 30%  to cover all the charges and etc., And 70% for the Broker.


  1. Buyer sends ICPO or LOI, Must be on Buyers letter Head, with full banking information. If LOI is workable and in order,
  2. Seller sends FCO to buyer along with acceptable payment format.
  3. Buyer signs and returns FCO to seller with in 2days along with the draft of agreed financial instrument (completed bank`s application form) to be accepted and confirmed by Seller's Bank for verification of the verbiage; after acceptance.
  4. Seller and Buyer amend the draft contract as per agreed terms, Sign the contract and return it to seller.
  5. The Seller issues Final Sale-Purchase Contract on seller’s letter head for buyer's acceptance.
  6. Buyers returns the Contract signed via international courier.
  7. Within 7 (seven) banking days after the signature of the Contract, the Buyer issues to Seller the financial instrument as mutually agreed as per the contract and the amendments on the draft LC.
  8. Once Buyers Financial Instrument is registered and confirmed in seller’s bank.
  9. Buyer OR Seller arranges for the Inspection at the loading port.Shipments commences as schedule.

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