Advanced Metals And Alloys Recovery Limited


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Finance & Business Development


1. We cannot give an advance as I have been cheated before
Alternatively, issue us an LC. Basic understanding of the business tells us that money transactions or transfer involves a certain level of intelligence and business acumen with layers of protection built into them. We do not accept such claims until and unless substantiated by evidence. In our experience, such statements are attempts to gain discounts or free delivery. Advance is part of our transaction and if you are not comfortable with it please do not do business with us.

2. Do you accept Letter of Credit as payment instrument?
Yes we do (please refer to Payment terms and Performance for complete details ). We do not accept Letter of Credit from small banks in PAKISTAN / BANGLADESH / AFRICA / INDONESIA / CHINA .
From INDIA we prefer LC to be opened from top western & Indian banks like HSBC , Citibank , Deutsche Bank , Standard Chartered, SBI ( Most Preferred ), HDFC, ICICI, AXIS, PNB  strictly as per the format given and accepted by us - no variations accepted.

Please refer to detailed Payment Methods in the section Payment terms and Performance

3. I will make payment after I open the container or I receive material in my factory
We trade our scrap on pre-order or HSS basis only, not in the local market. We do not accept such conditions or demands.

4. Local market price is lower but your price is higher
We collect and source our material from international markets and our quoted prices are very competitive with local market and international market price trends. Experienced buyers know how to hedge against price fluctuations so that their supply chain is not affected

We do not offer rock bottom prices to attract buyers – we offer what we have and can.

5. Can you accept ‘cash’ or do ‘Under – Invoicing’ for business transactions?

6. I have made an overseas swift transfer payment but you are not releasing documents
Overseas swift transfers usually take 48~72 hours to complete and reflect in our bank account. Please provide us the MT 103 swift copy to take up the matter. Rest assured, your money is in safe hands and you have not been cheated.

7. Can I open an LC in 2 days?
LC opening is a complex, time consuming and difficult process. An LC cannot be opened in 2 days; on such statements we are know we are dealing with less informed inexperienced broker or buyer.

8. We have only LC Limits, not TT Payment Limits
Our expert understanding of banking tells us that this is an incorrect statement and an attempt to delay or not make payment at a later stage.

9. We have very good LC Limits and you can ask about us
We base our opinions upon your performance and dealings with us. If you are as good buyer as you claim you should have no objections to our terms & conditions which are industry standard good practices. We keep it very simple – we load, you pay.

10. Can you advise me for LC terms / conditions?
Yes we can, send us an email.

Business Development

1. Can I call you to discuss the transaction?
Yes, but we prefer everything in black and white email to more easily track our business.

2. What kind of clients or companies are you looking for?
Financially capable / serious / mature clients who have knowledge of the scrap market – brokers & traders. When we engage a new client we are looking for month-to-month transaction, not one-time deals.

3. Why do you require a minimum contract?
Because recycling is not a one-time deal and projects usually take weeks to set up for sustainability.

4. Can you come to my office for final deal & negotiation?
Emails, phone, whatsapp, Skype & fax are excellent tools for communication and we prefer to use them extensively. If travel is absolutely required we decide on a case by case basis for our current performing bulk buyers. We do not travel to meet unless necessary.

Please refer to contact details for more information.