Advanced Metals and Alloys Recovery Limited (AMA) is a renowned supplier to a wide range of industrial consumers with principle customers in:

  • Steel Mills.
  • Auto Industry.
  • Foundries

Our network of offices spans three continents, which means we have access to large quantities of scrap and recycled metals from across the globe, enabling us to provide a continuous flow of quality ferrous & non-ferrous materials to meet the growing needs of our customers.

We manage risk and logistics to get our products where they are needed. Our logistics department works closely with our customers & traders to bring products to market efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition, we don’t take speculative risks and use financial techniques to lock in profit and limit our exposure to absolute shifts in metal prices.


Our Service For Customers



We place great emphasis on supplying quality products that meet ISRI and client specifications.

We understand our customers are in the business of making quality products, and therefore need a supplier they can rely on. In view of this we place great emphasis on supplying quality scrap and recycled metals, delivered on time and based on fair market value. We are able to offer this level of service because we have carefully cultivated a global network of quality assured suppliers, built up over the last 15 years.

We regularly visit every supplier we work with on site, in order to examine their processing and packing methods as well as ensuring the metal grades they produce comply with ISRI specifications.

Market Intelligence

We demonstrate our commitment to service by providing you with access to the latest market information. Our experts constantly analyse non-ferrous metal markets and future statistics and have full visibility into adjacent market pressures such as global trade and foreign exchange, and their impact on non-ferrous metal prices and availability.


Risk Management

Our disciplined approach ensures that market price risk is always carefully controlled.

In a fast moving global economy we understand how time constraints and fluctuations in global metal prices can affect our customer’s profit margins. Our global overview and expert knowledge of non-ferrous metal markets can help you anticipate and hedge potential price volatility. We offer our customers the opportunity to hedge their price risk and gain protection from adverse price movements owing to global economic activity.

We do this by means of buying and selling forward contracts on the LME and COMEX to offset the risk of physical metal becoming more or less expensive on a future delivery date. Depending on your appetite for risk our hedging service can reduce or eliminate your price risk completely.



We manage logistics to get our products where they are needed.

We aim to offer our customers the best value in everything we do, including transportation of goods. Our logistics team delivers value through cost efficient haulage and shipping solutions, which keeps us very competitive on price. We have logistic operations in Hong Kong providing round-the-clock service to our customers.

Furthermore, we deliver worldwide against timescales to suit your business, in a safe and efficient manner. Our dedicated in-house logistics team will ensure that you have all the necessary documentation in place, and that your shipment is properly inspected, secured and fully insured prior to transportation.


Customer Service & After Sales.

Our focus is on adding value and helping our customers grow.

Long Term Relations

Our customers expect a lot from us and so they should. Our focus is on helping you grow your company by providing non-ferrous metals in the specification and quantities you require. Our long standing relations with our customers is testimony to the value we provide. Whether you are a smelter, refiner or manufacturer our focus is helping you get the materials you need for your business.

Dedicated Customer Teams

Each member of our staff, involved in servicing your business, undergoes intensive training to help improve the quality of our service. As a Sansing customer you will have access to a dedicated relationship manager from our experienced sales team who will coordinate everything for you, ensuring you have the information you need to manage your business effectively.


Competitive Market Prices

Our infrastructure, trading model, and excellence in logistics benefits our Customers & suppliers.

Our Customers & suppliers buy & sell to us with confidence. We offer competitive prices for scrap and recycled ferrous & non-ferrous metals. Our lean responsive infrastructure, trading model and excellence in logistics enables our customers & suppliers to benefit from some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

In addition, our global scale and access to emerging markets allows us to create contracts that benefit both our customer and suppliers. We constantly analyze global markets so that we know we are offering the best market value.

Prices fluctuate according to worldwide markets, but what you are guaranteed is that AMA is always fully hedged, ensuring that we are always highly competitive on price.


Secure Payments

Our financial standing and global scale ensures our ability to perform quickly.

We believe reputation is everything. We consider our reputation to be among our most valuable assets as it has enabled us to establish a significant presence in the industry. This is why our standards of integrity, transparency and reliability are embedded in our culture and valued by our long-standing customers & suppliers.

We want our customers and suppliers to have the utmost confidence in us, which is why we always honor our commitments and consider timely payment an essential part of doing business. Our financial standing and global scale ensures our flexibility and ability to perform quickly.