For Suppliers

AMA prides itself on being a service orientated-business that helps producers with regular supply of ferrous and non-ferrous metal gain access to emerging market opportunities, while allowing them to focus on their core business activities.

We source all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and recycled metals that comply with ISRI specifications for ferrous and non ferrous scrap. Our goal is to ensure supplier satisfaction, by offering the highest levels of professional service and competitive rates.

A deep understanding of supplier needs as well as our customer needs is critical to the most effective partnerships, particularly since our supplier’s success complements our own.


Our Service For Suppliers


Who We Buy From?

We buy from a wide range of suppliers around the World.

We work with scrap metal producers seeking marketing expertise to help distribute their ferrous and non-ferrous metal globally.

We buy all quantities of Bulk or containerized Ferrous scrap OR containerized non-ferrous scrap OR recycled metals. We take deliveries as agreed on terms.

We source from a variety of scrap metal merchants – large and small, recycling operations, demolition contractors, manufacturers, blue-chip organizations and governments from around the world.


Competitive Prices

Our infrastructure, trading model, and excellence in logistics benefits our Customers & suppliers.
Our Customers & suppliers buy & sell to us with confidence. We offer competitive prices for scrap and recycled ferrous & non-ferrous metals. Our lean responsive infrastructure, trading model and excellence in logistics enables our customers & suppliers to benefit from some of the most competitive rates in the industry.
In addition, our global scale and access to emerging markets allows us to create contracts that benefit both our customer and suppliers. We constantly analyze global markets so that we know we are offering the best market value.
Prices fluctuate according to worldwide markets, but what you are guaranteed is that AMA is always fully hedged, ensuring that we are always highly competitive on price.


Risk Management

Our disciplined approach ensures that market price risk is always carefully controlled.

In a fast moving global economy we understand how time constraints and fluctuations in global metal prices can affect our supplier’s profit margins. Our global overview and expert knowledge of non-ferrous metal markets can help you anticipate and hedge potential price volatility. We offer our suppliers the opportunity to hedge their price risk and gain protection from adverse price movements owing to global economic activity.

We do this by means of buying and selling forward contracts on the LME and COMEX to offset the risk of physical metal becoming more or less expensive on a future delivery date. Depending on your appetite for risk our hedging service can reduce or eliminate your price risk completely.


Secure Payments

Our financial standing and global scale ensures our ability to perform quickly.

We believe reputation is everything. We consider our reputation to be among our most valuable assets as it has enabled us to establish a significant presence in the industry. This is why our standards of integrity, transparency and reliability are embedded in our culture and valued by our long-standing suppliers.

We want our suppliers to have the utmost confidence in us, which is why we always honour our commitments and consider timely payment an essential part of doing business. Our financial standing and global scale ensures our flexibility and ability to perform quickly.



Our goal is for you to feel in control of your material every step of the way.

We strive to find the most cost effective and flexible way to collect and ship your scrap and recycled metals. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and for you to feel in control of your material every step of the way through to payment.

We are committed to finding delivery solutions to benefit the needs of your business. We have a wide range of delivery options available including deep sea shipment, inland haulage and storage locations if you cannot complete a full shipping container.


Expert Knowledge

We share our industry knowledge to help others improve their performance.

Our experienced trading team can help you stay informed with the latest market prices and demand for ferrous, non-ferrous metals, both in emerging markets and around the world.

With our global capabilities and market intelligence, our traders have a broad-based understanding of current and future market demand to provide timely and expert assessments of global prices.

As part of our commitment to building long-term relations with our suppliers, We offers an unrivaled view of the global scrap market to help your business stay on top.