Advanced Metals And Alloys Recovery Limited


Freight Management

The best freight prices, coming or going.

Since transportation can represent 15 – 20% of the final cost of scrap, getting the best price is key. We’ve negotiated freight rates by reviewing every competitive option, then aggregating the total volume of our customer base.  We know all the best ways to save such as coordinating inbound scrap freight. or finding savings in backhaul or round-trip rates.  Keeping us on top of the world is our advanced, web-based transportation network that shows over 80,000 current rates for rail, trucks and barges.

Clients around the globe trust our freight management expertise.  We have shipped recycled metal to destinations including China, Vietnam, Taiwan, India etc.

Our customer service is far from typical.  We partner with customers on important issues such as:

  • Negotiating freight packages
  • Tracking in-transit inventory
  • Establishing carrier service goals
  • Evaluating carrier performance
  • Making freight payments
  • Filing claims

Around here, scrap metal is really going places.

#scrapchase #advancedmetalsandalloysrecoverylimited #amagroups #amagroup #scrapchaseama
#scrapchase #advancedmetalsandalloysrecoverylimited #amagroups #amagroup #scrapchaseama