Recycling Industry Facts


Quality of Goods:The Goods shall conform to the ISRI codes or specifications per contract terms. The quality of the goods will be confirmed by the certificate issued by an independent International Survey company which shall be binding on both parties in all respect, including but not limited to the seller.

Past performance:Has nothing to do with future performance and no document will be provided.
In addition, it also violates the client confidentiality agreement within each of our contract, those are legal documents used by Banks or Govt authorities to transfer ownership from seller to buyer, and they bear Names, details and Commitments that are of commercial value in the criminal world.

Yard OR Site visits allowed prior OR after the contract is signed: For liability reasons, yard and site visits are not allowed until the buyer’s fiduciary obligation has been met. We do not control what or who any hosting country will allow within their border or for what purpose.

Document Or letter for Visa processing: We do not entertain such requests.

Pictures:No requests of pictures of dated with or without newspapers or any other such request will be provided or entertained.

Performance Bond OR Guarantee: Performance Bond OR Guarantee is in essence the same as issuance of a Stock Certificate or Municipal Bond covering any deposit or payment received and is fully collectible in the event of contract breach by the seller as it is contained within the contract.


  • No Past Performance Records Or Proof will be provided.
  • We will not or never disclose the details of any present or past Customers for any satisfactions.
  • We do not Provide 2% PB, DNB details OR POP.
  • Buyers OR Representative can Visit or inspect during the Loading.
  • We will only provide Pictures 1time, no request of asking stock pictures will be entertained.
  • Buyer will send the draft of LC prior to contract signing.
  • Any discrepancies on agreed terms on Draft LC or the LC Issued by Bank, Seller reserves the right to cancel or stop the shipment.


  1. Metal Scrap Ferrous & Non Ferrous Offered as per ISRI Codes.
  2. Ferrous Metal Scrap minimum order quantity is 250 MT – No Trial Orders
  3. Non Ferrous minimum order quantity is 100 MT – No Trial Orders
  4. Advance is MUST & Balance payment on documents – This is NON - Negotiable if LC
  5. Packing is Loose until and unless otherwise stated.
  6. Weight Loaded is as per weight ticket in each FCL.
  7. Free Days is 14 days for each shipment.
  8. Certificate of Origin is of Supplier NOT Chamber of Commerce.
  9. Delivery Time is as per offer letter or email – we do not control time taken by shipping line and our quotes are based upon best estimation AGW / WP ( All Going Well / Weather Permitting ).
  10. Loading Time is generally within 2~3 weeks after receipt of advance or receipt and verification – acceptance of financial instrument at our or suppliers banks counter.
  11. Longer term contracts and large orders supplier will adjust advance given in last invoice or adjust advance given in steps in each invoice.
  12. Supplier will provide complete documentation at every step, incl. but not limited to container booking receipts, seal no’s, weight receipts, loading (various stages) photographs.
  13. Pre Loading Inspection survey by DGFT Approved Agency only for metal scrap consigned to India. For Buyers in Pakistan pre loading inspections will be made by WLSI & INTERTEK and buyers in Bangladesh Pre Loading inspection will be made by INTERTEK on buyer’s expense. For SE Asian Buyer & World Wide buyer’s inspection agency would be WLSI.
  14. Buyer shall pay and arrange for all necessary permits for the import of goods at place of final delivery or destination.
  15. Possibility to mark B/L as “Freight to Collect” so that buyer can pay freight directly to shipping company upon vessel’s arrival, at the time of delivery order. Buyer can also opt to pay freight at last transshipment port before arrival Destination Port (Expense of min. $ 500 for manifest correction or B/L Correction) – Last Discharge Port or ELSE we will mark it ‘Pre Paid’.
  16. We are not a bank and we cannot finance your purchase so please refrain from making such demands.
  17. Proforma Invoice once raised will be valid for 24 hours only.
  18. Standard weight variation is 2%.
  19. Standard quality variation is 5%.
  20. Cash & Under Invoicing is not acceptable.


1. Commercial Invoice
2. Packing List
3. No War Material Certificate
4. Seller Origin Certificate
5. Bill of Lading
6. Pre Loading Inspection Certificate – Quality & Quantity “ONLY Copy as original will be sent to buyer directly”.

1. How can We help to buy metal scrap?
We have vast database & global network of reliable yard owners & metal scrap brokers. We ensure that our suppliers are carefully screened for experience, quality, and professionalism so that our clients have a smooth transaction. We also provide complete shipping solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our clients and vendors. Our logistics team will evaluate the time, cost, and feasibility of shipping your materials with multiple shipping sources in order to find the most cost effective and efficient method for the transportation of your sourced materials.

2. What is our role & position in transaction?
Our role in every transaction varies from contract to contract being End supplier to consultant to indenter or ourselves importer. We are direct & important link between suppliers and buyer worldwide.

3. I have contacted you many times but you have not responded?
If your request emails includes any of following demands or request we will not respond.

  • Payment of first shipment at the port of arrival
  • Long term contracts (12 months minimum) conditioned to performance of first shipment.
  • LOIs and/or ICPOs issued on blank papers without the letterhead, buyer's name and/or buyer's coordinates.
  • Requests to visit the storage facility before the hard copies of the contract are signed and sealed by both parties.
  • Copy of Bill of Ladings or other documents relative to previous deliveries, sanitized or otherwise.
  • Request to produce a picture of the goods.

To fully understand the reluctance of the supplier to consider paying attention to any of the above, one must accept the notion that respectable end users, suppliers and brokers alike are committed to operate with the highest degree of ethic and professionalism if they wish to enjoy a perpetual flow of business.

Requests like the one listed above serve no practical purpose because they do not guarantee availability of product, quality, delivery nor excellence of service. A visit to the storage site is a useless waste of time and money because, like in our case, the suppliers have storage in all 5 Continents and has the option in the contract to ship the used metal from anyone of his storage facilities in accordance to commitments made to other buyers, the distance from the port of loading and the ports of discharge and atmospheric conditions.

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