Performance & Payment Terms

Our business make us on the top of your list.

Can you provide past performance for your scrap?
Yes we can provide past performance. We work on principles of Honest, Integrity & Trust. If we are approached in proper manner with formal request on buyer's letter head or official email address by signatory, we respond with past performance and want past performance of buyer as well in return – if you cannot provide your past performance you do not have right to ask same from supplier. We understand buyer’s predicament and buyer should respect ours. If you do not TRUST us please do not do business with us.

Can you provide reference of buyer of your scrap?

How long you have been in Business?
Our Company has been registered for last 8 years, All business partners are in scrap business from last 20 to 25 years and you are dealing with very professional & experienced team. We have management, Sales, logistics, legal & financial expertise that is simply not matched anywhere else.

Below mentioned are our acceptable Payment method:

We only accept Transferable 100% LC at sight depending quantity you choose from ferrous, Non ferrous or any other.


For any Non Ferrous order below 100MT OR Ferrous order below 500MT needs to be followed with TT payment Terms. OR (Talk to Us)
Please do not request or push for trial 1 or 2 container’s on LC terms.

The Letter of Credit shall be issued with a validity of 45 days in case of delays.
The text of the Letter of Credit is provided as a sample in QF&K Tab. The final text to be provided by the buyer’s bank shall be subject to approval by the Seller as a condition of the buyer’s compliance with the present contract.

FAS / Ex Work / FOB:
All payments are to be paid in full before goods leave our yard or warehouse. 50% Payable in advance by T.T. and 50% payable before dispatch of goods to dock. OR any form which is accepted by our Accounting Department.

TT on CIF / CFR Terms and quantity below 250MT:
Payable 30% (or as agreed) Deposit of Contract value by buyer within 3 to 5 working days from the date of issuing the contract Or Invoice, and 70% balance (Or as Agreed) within 3 to 5 working days upon presentation of agreed shipping documents VIA Tele fax Or E-mail.

Note:  If the remaining payment is not paid within 3 to 5 working days after a continues reminders and after receiving all the shipping documents, customers deposit for the order will be forfeited and goods will be sold to other customer.

100% LC on CIF / CFR Terms and quantity above 500MT:
We only accept Workable, Irrevocable Transferable 100% L/C at sight with the world’s prime bank and all funds are available for negotiation with our Bank.
We will provide customer the full L/C instructions for opening/issuing of the L/C in favorite of our company.
Buyer’s bank opens Workable, Irrevocable Transferable letter of credit (L/C) payable 100% at sight of contract Value, Payable 100% against the presentation of documents at loading port.