Scrap Management

We works closely with our customer & supplier.

AMA works closely with our customer and supplier, to customize scrap management programs – whether you choose to ship your material via Sea or by Truck – and We provide mill with direct shipments to maximize the revenue you receive for the industrial scrap metal generated. 

Our team of Engineering, Metallurgical, Transportation, Marketing and Technological experts work together to help you get the most competitive pricing for ferrous and non-ferrous material you produce.

  • International Coverage: Nearly 24 recycling facilities around the globe and collaborating with leading local recycling companies in every country, we can meet your scrap metal recycling needs.
  • Competitive Advantage: We have a competitive edge in finding buyers for your scrap production – – including Busheling, Stampings and Clips – – thanks to our long-standing relationships with steel mills and foundries around the globe.
  • Logistics Experts: With some of the best logistics expertise in the industry, our dedicated staff arranges timely, reliable and personalized transportation service and containers for immediate delivery.
  • Transaction Transparency: Our transaction systems offer enhanced reporting, the availability of real-time data, and increased visibility for AMA customers and suppliers.
  • Easy Access to Your Information: We offer online, real-time information about scrap shipped. This provides current information on contracts, shipments and payments, 24/7, reducing the amount of time spent finding data.