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Stock and Scrap Yard


1. Can AMA import directly and do High Sea ales?
Yes. We have our own IEC no. for import. A copy of the fully executed HSS Agreement within 5 days is a must for release of original documents.

2. Do you personally go for loading and  inspection?
AMA is part of a global team. Our team members personally negotiate, inspect and check every yard or facility which we engage to supply premium quality scrap to our clients. Only upon rigorous checks will we accept a trading alliance with a new yard and personally inspect every loading. We can safely state that we literally load with our own hands due to confidence and trust with our global members. It’s our motto to have long term relationships with our clients, not a one off sale.

3. Can I have trial shipment and I will increase amount after the first shipment?
Yes, however every shipment / transaction gets same attention from our team; we do not label our transaction as trial, first or last. Prices or Terms & Conditions are not changed for any transaction.

4. We want a particular type / size / colour of scrap?
We trade ferrous & non-ferrous metal scrap as per ISRI ( ) standards. Example:- For HMS 1/2 we follow ISRI codes 200 – 206 and for cast iron scrap we follow ISRI Codes 252 – 262 including 263. Experienced buyers are aware of metal sourcing realities and do not make demands for particular colour or ISRI Codes or chemistry of scrap . We do not entertain such requests. Experienced buyers understand that we are in the business of sourcing scrap not finished goods, and are sensible; they do not make such demands in fear of tarnishing their image and common sense. We cannot control colour of metal scrap nor do we know of a single supplier who can – please refrain from making such demands.

5. Can you show me photos of the material which you can source?
Ferrous & non-ferrous metal scrap is traded as per ISRI ( ) codes and that is what we source and supply. We provide a minimum of 4 loading photos of each container that we ship. Requests for photos sooner than committing to shipment are made by inexperienced buyers who do not understand the process of metal scrap trading / sourcing. Understand that we will provide you photos if requested, but by the time you make your decision, what is shown in the photos may be already sold. This is a very high movement business and we will not hold the material for you to decide. In order to block the material shown in photos you have to act in a swift manner.

6. Your price is very high?
You get what you pay for. We do not negotiate on  terms, conditions and price. We will not refute your claim of lower price or debate the matter further. If you find our price, terms and conditions unacceptable you are free to source from other suppliers or indenters.

7. Can you quote for 90,000 tons x 12?
No – we do not supply such large quantities or believe they even exist. HMS we can supply max 2000 MT & cast iron max 1000 MT from a single supplier. 5000 – 10000 MT of cast is not readily available at any given time at one single place. Such requests are seen as fishing expeditions.

8. Can your supplier quote for yearly shipment, 1000 MT HMS 1/2 or 2000 MT cast iron scrap?
We do not fix the price for yearly shipment due to continuous fluctuations in the international scrap market. We will never lock in a price for 1000 or 2000 MT; prices are renegotiated every 500 MT for ferrous & every 100MT for non–ferrous metal scrap as per present market conditions. For bulk shipments please contact us for a complete quote with fiscal capability proof.

9. Can you send me B/L Nbr / Container Nbr of your shipment, I am interested in this material?
Confidential information is only provided to qualified buyers, not to brokers or other interested parties. We will send you container photos for your guidance and decision, which are sufficient for you to proceed further in the transaction. Original documents are released only upon receipt of complete payment.

10. What are your standard shipment terms?
CNF, CIF (as per commodity traded & buyer’s request). We do not accept Ex Yard shipment condition and we treat such requests on case to case basis. Please contact for further information.

11. Would you provide us draft B/L or copy B/L?
Depending oncontract terms, yes we will provide you with the copy or draft B/L for you to check and verify B/L details. Please check following for any typing mistake or wrong information:

Consignee Correct Name
Notify Party Correct Name
Cargo Details – VERY IMPORTANT.
Cargo Weight – as per weight slips provided earlier
Destination Port
Place Of Final Delivery
Container Numbers – as per photos provided.
Container Seal Numbers – as per photos provided.
Date of Shipment & Place / Date of issue of B/L
B/L Number – please note B/L number will only reflect in the system of the shipping line  when you have confirmed us the draft B/L and we have advised the shipping line. Please allow 3~5 days.
Place of loading
Freight Prepaid or To Collect

Let us know immediately in an email or fax if you notice any mistakes or wish any corrections in the above information or any other pertinent information which you would like to be added or corrected.

Please note we cannot request a change in shipper information without complete payment to shipper and there is a cost for this at min $500 (United States Dollar). Once the original B/L is issued there isa  fee for every change request, minimum being $500 (United States Dollar) therefore we would request you to thoroughly check the draft B/L.

Please note once we handover to you original documents & OBL it is your responsibility to request any changes directly from the shipping line; we will only provide you assistance in doing so and all expenses will be on your account.

Change of destination or final place of delivery is always a difficult, time consuming and expensive affair more so after the filing of the manifest, therefore avoid any sudden changes or requests.

12. Can you ship to ICD?
Yes & no, depending on the ports. Please provide us with complete details (subject to shipping line acceptance). Inner haulage charges are on buyer's account.

13. Can you clear cargo from port?
No we cannot. We only do HSS (High Sea Sales) transactions or direct bookings for buyers.

14. What are the charges for clearing containers & custom duty?
We would advise you to contact the Clearing Agents in the discharge port for complete, accurate and detailed information.

15. Can I book my containers for shipment?
It depends upon the shipper, shipment port, yard location, transportation and logistics of supplier. Some suppliers accept this and request container booking no. to pull the container from the  container yard, load and deliver back the containers. Please contact us for further details.

16. I have booked containers – what’s next?
Advise booking no. and contact details of the person in charge for the shipping line in the port of loading.

17. Do you have ready material?
You need to book material – we only supply or load metal scrap when it is booked. Please check from time to time if we have metal scrap from our own networks of indenters and suppliers.

18. Once you make an offer how long is it valid?
Offer letters / emails have a price validity of 48~72 hours for the buyer to respond. If the buyer fails to return the signed pro forma invoice within the stipulated time period, we cancel the offer and the price will be revised based upon the prevailing market conditions.

19. What do you do if there is issue with the weight of the cargo?
If the buyer claims a weight difference of more than 2% of the agreed amount we would advise the buyer to get the container weight checked in the Container Freight Station itself at least 2 times and send us a present dated weight slip. In case you find any shortage (more than the 2% weight tolerance allowed), please call us immediately and do not open/tamper with the container seal. Please wait for further instructions from our side.

Cost for checking weight will be borne by default party.

Weight dispute will be resolved by credit only on future orders, no cash refunds accepted,  no claim for custom duty or other sundries will be accepted or entertained. Good buyers know and accept this as the expense of doing business and refrain from making such demands.

20. Do you have any material on High Seas ?
Yes we do have material on High Seas all the time but it is all pre-booked and sold material. We say with pride ''The Sun Never Sets in Our Global Buyer & Supply Chain''.

Scrap Yard

1. Do you allow yard visits?
Yes – we do allow yard visits if the order quantity is substantial and, in some cases, if payment instrument is in place.

2. For yard visits, what is minimum quantity?
1000 MT for ferrous metal scrap and 100 MT for non–ferrous metal scrap. Please note not all locations are possible for yard visits due to logistics, visa regulations and time zone differences. Contact us for complete details.

3. Can I pay after the yard visit?
Our answer is simple; no. Scrap is a serious business and we are always occupied completing orders for our good performing clients. Yard visits are only for qualified genuine buyers and we do not have time for exploration trips.

4. Do you own yards abroad?
AMA is affiliated with 25 yards around the globe. We and our suppliers are yard owners with years in same business.